About Us

MONCAR Simulators Ltd. is an innovative new company that will change the way Canada learns to drive. We provide driver training through the use of car simulation units; our programs serve as pre-training programs that will prepare young adults and new drivers for live driver training.  

MONCAR Simulators’ technology and curriculum were designed as innovative and engaging driver training simulation systems that feature the National Driver Education Curriculum, recommended by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The national curriculum was developed with the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA), the professional association for traffic safety educators. 

Our full-cab simulators implement the most advanced simulation system designed to provide a fully -immersed, authentic driving experience and comes equipped with a car seat, steering wheel, seat belt, as well as all critical gauges and other details. A 46-inch, ultra-wide, high definition monitor allows the trainee to see a full field of view. Just like through a car’s windshield.

In traditional driver training programs, a new driver is placed in a carefully controlled environment under the supervision of a driving instructor. While they learn the basics of motor vehicle operation, they are not exposed to “real life” driving scenarios, and do not develop an understanding of the potential consequences of distracted or impaired driving. For instance, how should a driver adjust his driving during a snowfall or in a rain storm? How should you react if a car swerves in front of you? Traditional driver training simply cannot expose you to these scenarios; yet, learning to effectively navigate these dangerous environments is critical for a new driver.

Mission Statement

To provide realistic, convenient, technologically advanced driver education that allows new drivers to learn the habits of effective driving in a safe and nurturing environment.