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Are you ready for a driving practice? MONCAR Simulators‘ virtual trainer is a self-contained educational training program that allows students to progress at their own pace and master each skill in a cumulative fashion. Our program provides 12 self-paced, fully interactive lessons designed to reflect the national standards for in-car performance. Students must demonstrate knowledge and skills during increasingly difficult drives.

All driving lessons can be driven in differing weather and lighting conditions including day, dusk, night, rain, fog, snow, storms, and sunshine to enhance complexity and experience. If standard conditions are used, each lesson can be completed in 25 minutes for a target completion time of six hours for all 12 lessons. However, with self-paced practice drives, the drive time is unlimited.

MONCAR Simulators’ real-car simulators provide a constructive experience for the novice driver and enable more complex exercises to be undertaken by the more advanced driver. For novice drivers, car simulators provide an opportunity to apply best practices. For advanced drivers, simulation provides the ability to enhance good driving or to detect poor practice and to suggest the necessary steps for remedial action. For businesses, it provides educational opportunities for drivers to utilize techniques that will reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity and, most importantly, to ensure driver safety in all possible situations.



driving simulator

"The simulation brought to life the dangers of texting. I don't text while I drive now. This definitely makes you see why you shouldn't be doing it."

driving simulator

"Obviously, this generation can relate to simulators because they look like a video game. This is going to be a great teaching tool."

driving simulator

"It makes students more aware of how easy it is to lose control of the wheel, even if only for a second, and how one choice can change your life in an instant."